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94.5 K-Wine Personalities

We offer the best in local radio personalities! We live and work in the community and love doing what we do!

We are the only station in the area with local on air personalities. Our live, interactive contests and remote broadcasts keep maintain our position as an active part of our community. And when we arent busy bringing you All Hit, All New music, we can be found volunteering in service organizations such as Lions, Rotary and Boy Scouts along with volunteering at local events such as Ukiah Idol, Anton Stadium and various other community supportive endeavors.

Click on the DJ Bios below to learn more about our on-air personalities and what made them the best in the area at doing what they do, which is bringing you All Hit, All New music right here at 94.5 K-Wine.

Bill Steele
Bill Steele is one of the most talented radio people most people in the industry will every encounter.As Program Director and morning personality he has guided K-Wine air sound through twenty years of evolution and growth. Steele's understanding of music is encyclopedic. His highly refined sense of humor is as big as his belt size. Bill's creative talents range from conceiving and writing captivating commercials to performing perhaps 25 character voices. He speaks some of three languages. Bill Steele could succeed in any radio market size but chooses to live in our beautiful area. Click here to read what Bill says about himself.

The lady with the sensuous throbbing voice that rivets our midday listeners to K-Wine is DeAnn. She is a mysterious multi-faceted lady with strong ties to our local culture. DeAnn's smoky history on radio includes a period of night time jocking on the K- Wine "Rock Show" in the 80 's, playing all manner of disco, funk and blues based records that powered the charts and our station's after-dark audience in those days. So she knows the music turf. In fact, the first time she knew radio was her dream, says DeAnn, was "The first time I heard "The Electric Prunes" on local radio. Early influences she lists are Nancy Sinatra (then) and Bruce Springsteen (now). Click here to read more about DeAnn.


Jason Howard
Bay Area transplant, Jason Howard has spent what seems like a lifetime behind a mic... but with a voice like that, where else would he be? When he is not behind the mic, Jason can be found developing entertaining and informative ad campaigns, shuttling his kids from one place to the other or helping his wife out at their local hair salon. Click here to read more about Jason.

Glen Steliga
There are still scratch marks on Glen Steliga's childhood bed. Not from violence or such but from the radio that hung there talking a young sportscaster off to dreamland every night. Voices of Vince Scully and Bill King, play by play on the Warriors, Kings, Giants and even the Bakersfield Renegades were little Glen's lullaby. Click here to read more about Glen.

Captain Mikey
Bill's loveable sidekick can be found sneaking into the studio to "Take Over The Airwaves!" or being chased out of the K-Wine Commissary by The Big Red Garbanzo when he puts his own special Mikey ingredients into the day's lunch. Somehow he is always getting into mischief.. but we keep him around for comic relief and someone has to take out the trash afterall! Click here to read more about Mikey!



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