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Captain Mikey is the most energetic member of the K-Wine crew! With his super hero duties of protecting the public, and his short attention span, we had to get information about him in short bursts.. so here is what he had to say:

Where were you born?
Somewhere in the etheral in 1979

Where did you grow up?
Some say (everybody) I haven't

Who lives with you?
I have no pets as my lilfe is to hectic turning rights into wrongs!!!

How did you get started in the radio business

Bitten by a rabid jayhawk causing extreme run off of the mouth

How long have you worked at Kwine?
Snuck in the janitor's room in 1977 as a veritable child super hero uh zero

What do you do at Kwine?
Pretty much whatever I can get away with!!!!

What else do you do when you arent doing whatever you do at Kwine?
Look for rich unmarried super heriones

Tell us about a couple of your favorite Kwine memories..
The time Bill steele took all his clothes oh I can't tell that one..

Okay it was when I caught Cherie uh not not that one either

U h can't remember a thing...I must have been there

What is one thing that our listeners dont know about you that they might find interesting.. or surprising.. what makes you unique?
I am the world's greatest lover!!!! of women!!!

Why I would want to listen to your show?
Cause I always tell the truth..unless I am lying right now??? .

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