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Jason Howard

I am a transplant to Mendocino county. I am an only child, born in Monticello Iowa, but my family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 1. I lived in Sunnyvale, Mountainview and then San Jose where we spent my informative years. I went to Foothill Christian School in Milpitas for most of elementary and middle school and eventually graduated from Independence High School in San Jose. At the beginning of my senior year in high school, I was the passenger in a friend's car when we broadsided a van at 45 miles per hour and I went through the windshield head first. The doctors thought I had mild to severe brain damage, but I recovered quickly and was home in less than 48 hours with no problems; although my father still swears to this day that I have brain damage.

Within days of graduation, my folks moved to Auburn in the foothills outside of Sacramento, and I followed, as it was too expensive for a 17 year old working at a KFC to survive alone in the Bay Area. I attended Sierra College as an Engineering Major before dropping out due to poor math skills. I eventually turned down an entry level job with Hewlett Packard to go to broadcasting school (what a dope).

My radio career started with a Production Internship at FM 102 in Sacramento in. My first radio job was as the Production Director for a motivational talk radio station in Placerville. We played excerpts of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziggler and many others. I eventually took a job with a country music station in Ukiah in1992, I believe. I was there until 2004, when I left the station to focus on the advertising agency, Flashfire Advertising, I started in 1999. When the Great Recession hit, business slowed down and I ended up at K-Wine as the News Director. Two years later, the stations afternoon drive Jock moved on to bigger and better things in her life, and I embraced the opportunity to take over the show and become the Production Director, a position I know and enjoy.

I never planed on staying in Ukiah, but I met my wife here, married her in 1997, and we have two kids. I don't know that I will ever leave the area now, as it is one of the most beautiful places to live on this planet.

I am an audiophile with a passion for just about every type or style of music. “LIVE” music is always the best, though. I still collect and listen to much of my music on vinyl records. And I truly enjoy being on-air on K-Wine sharing new music with our listeners

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