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An enigma within a paradox within a puzzle echoing down a great "set of pipes" (as radio folks call voices). Maybe it was the early obsession with Moe, Larry and Curly. Perhaps it was the short stint in the "Up With People" Parade that twisted her brain...All we know is that she is a baby-boomer witha healthy taste for rock (she did attend the Summer 2000 Ozzfest) and a penchant for letting the good times roll.

DeAnn's preferred stars are Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin and John Candy. She doesn't say whether or not she hails them as role models. Her first record purchase ever was Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Were MAde For Walkin'", which she played 28 times in a row until her mom told her, "Please, dear, don't play that song again or I'll have to hurt you!" DeAnn's first call to a radio station in her early teens was to request "Wild Thing" by the Troggs. Get the Picture?

DeAnn's voice is the original "Deep Throat"--as in, how low can you go? She tangles daily with Chef Big Red Garbanzo and gets her fishing tips from Diver Doug. Believe me, the only thing she's fishing for is another crazy story to bring to the airwaves of Lake and Mendocino Counties!

DeAnn calls working on the air at K-Wine radio her regular every day therapy. You will call her a totally unique and terrific radio companion. Listen to DeAnn mid-days and you will wonder why you ever took life so seriously!

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