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Bill Steele

Bill Steele is one of the most talented radio people most people in the industry will ever encounter. As Program Director, Music Director, and morning personality he has guided K-Wine air sound through twenty five years plus of evolution and growth. Steele's understanding of music is encyclopedic. With a highly refined sense of humor, Bill's creative talents range from conceiving and writing captivating commercials to performing perhaps 25 character voices. He speaks some of three languages. Bill Steele could succeed in any radio market size but chooses to live in our beautiful area. You can find him behind the mic and on Facebook during his morning show on weekdays. He loves interacting with our listeners and has been one of the major supporters of our station advancing in new technology.

Here is Bill's story in his own words:

I grew up living the "American Dream". Born in Carmel, California, growing up on the San Francisco Peninsula in the fifties and sixties where temperature extremes vary less than twenty degrees year 'round. Most of my family remained in middle Europe and prospered. My branch immigrated to the U.S. and tried to keep up with the Jones's.

My Dad was a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy whose entrepreneurial talents kept us entertained, busy and sometimes in the black! My Mom was a Medical Technician, well educated, whose only detectable weakness seemed to be an unshakable belief in Dad's wacky schemes.

My younger sister and I attended High School in Palo Alto, California. She studied hard and I studied ways to embarrass her and alienate most of my teachers. Then it was on to college! After a year of perpetual academic probation at a major university (whose name I cannot divulge under terms of a court settlement), I was shipped off to the backwaters of the San Joaquin Valley to sip from the Fountain of Knowledge at a small private university. Over the years, time spent listening to radio, peaked my interest....who were these incredibly talented people with resonant voices. Imagine the shock of seeing my first RADIO PERSONALITY....He was short and balding! Through the magic of radio, however, he sounded 6'3", with the steel-hewn jaw line of Arnold Schwartzenegger and more hair than Elvis. My mind began to race...if radio can do that for possibilities are endless.

I began my career in Seattle, but became homesick for California, I begged my way into a radio job in a small northern California coastal town, then through a series of short gigs to K-WINE. I've been here for lo these many years because they let us do real radio and be ourselves. Dr. Don Rose once told me, " You'll never make it in radio unless you can be yourself." My real guru, however, is Don Sherwood, the greatest personality to ever make cigarette burns in a studio carpet!

These days I'm married with twin stepdaughters & a son. I love to spend my time in the garden, throw my hard-earned money into the rusting hunks of metal I call Classic Cars, watch lots of Seinfeld re-runs on the tube, take listeners on leisurely guided cruises of the Mexican Riviera or the Caribbean, devour John Hillerman novels.....BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, I LOVE BEING RIGHT HERE...MORNINGS, WITH YOU, ON 94.5 K-WINE!

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